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Sequence Retrieval System (SRS)

SRS [17] is a homogeneous interface to over 80 biological databases that had been developed at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) at Hinxton, UK (see also SRS help [18]). It includes databases of sequences, metabolic pathways, transcription factors, application results (like BLAST, SSEARCH, FASTA), protein 3-D structures, genomes, mappings, mutations, and locus specific mutations.
The web page listing all the databases contains a link to a description page about the database including the date on which it was last updated. You select one or more of the databases to search before entering your query.
After getting results you choose an alignment algorithm (like CLUSTALW, PHYLIP) enter parameters, and run it.
The SRS is highly recommended for use.

Itshack Pe`er