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Group's Contact information:

Lab: Shenkar 405

Phone: +972-3-640-7886
Group Seminar: Thursdays 11:10-12:30

Current Group Members

Past Group Members

Current Group Members:

   Ariel Bruner (MSc)            Hadas Biran (MSc)

   Anton Levitan (PhD cand.)     Itay Sason (PhD)

Nitay Itzhacky (MSc)       Barak Gross (MSc)

Past Group Members:

Dana Silverbush (PhD, 2018):
Network annotation

Barak Sternberg (MSc, 2018):
A dynamic algorithm for network propagation

Nir Atias (PhD, 2016):
Network-based modeling of biological processes

Yael Silberberg (PhD, 2017):
Systems medicine

Dalya Gartzman (MSc, 2016):
Overlapping correlation clustering

Arnon Mazza (PhD, 2016):
Reconstruction and alignment of biological networks

Jan Rudolph (MSc, 2016):
Elucidating active proteins and signaling
pathways from phosphoproteomic data

Uri Valevski (MSc, 2015):
Predicting harmful mutations from protein sequences

Dima Bloch (MSc, 2013):
Approximation Algorithms and Hardness Results
Based Graph for Shortest Path Orientations

Shay Houri (MSc, 2013)
Sign Assignment Problems on Protein Networks

Assaf Gottlieb (Post-Doc, 2012):
Methods for Predicting Drug Properties

Oded Magger (MSc, 2011):
Enhancing the Prioritization of Disease Causing Genes
Through Tissue-Specific Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Liram Vardi (MSc, 2011):
A Linearized Constraint Based Approach
for Modeling Signaling Networks

Shiri Freilich (Post-Doc, 2011):
Modeling Bacterial Communities

Liat Perlman (MSc, 2010):
Combining Drug and Gene Similarity Metrics
for Drug-Target elucidation

Misael Mongiovi
(Post-Doc, 2010):
Methods for Network Alignment and Querying

Tomer Benyamini (MSc, 2010):
Computational Metabolic Modeling of Cellular Growth

Inbar Cohen-Gihon (PhD, 2010):
Domain-Based Evolution of Protein Networks

Nir Yosef (PhD, 2009):
Functional Models of Cellular Response to Perturbation

Oron Vanunu (MSc, 2009): (MSc, 2009)
Associating Genes and Protein Complexes
with Disease via Network Propagation

Sharon Bruckner (Hüffner) (MSc, 2009):
Topology Free Querying of Protein
Interaction Networks

Sasha Medvedovsky (MSc, 2009):
An Algorithm for Orienting Graphs Based on Cause-
Effect Pairs and its Applications to Orienting Protein networks

Liron Levkovitz (MSc, 2009): 2009):
Identification of Enriched Transcription Factor
Binding Sites in the Promoters of Co-Expressed Genes

Tomer Shlomi (PhD, 2008):
Functional Models and Building Blocks
of Metabolic and Protein Networks

Guy Geva (MSc, 2008):
Identification of Protein Complexes from
Co-Immunoprecipitation Data