Talks in 200l/2002

Date Speaker Title
28th October Eric Vigoda Approximating the Permanent Abstract
4th November J. Felix Costa Analog Computation in Continuous Time. Abstract
11h November Amos Fiat Some Recent Results on Data Mining and Search Abstract
18th November Amir Herzberg Security and Trust in Cyberspace Abstract
25 November Yoav Schechner Unconventional Imaging: Optical coding and Digital Decoding Abstract
2th December Amir Shpilka Lower bounds for matrix product Abstract
9th December Sivan Toledo Graph Algorithms in Numerical Linear Algebra Abstract
16th December Anatol Slissenko Logic and Software Verification Abstract
23rd December Amir Ronen Designing Algorithms For Game Theoretic Environments Abstract
30th December Edith Cohen Optimal Replication in Random Search Networks Abstract
6th January Shmuel Safra (TAU) The Importance of Being Biased Abstract
13th January Itan Rupin (TAU) My problems ... Abstract
20th January Schocken Shimon (IDC) The Hack Project Abstract
27th January Jared Saia (Washington) Censorship Resistant Peer-to-peer Content Addressable Networks Abstract
3th February Udi Shapiro (Weizmann) How many computers can fit into a drop of water? (Biomolecular computing for the computer scientist) Abstract
10 March
17 March Yehuda Lindell (Weizmann) On the Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Agreement Abstract
24 March Passover
31 March Passover
7 April Ronen Brafman How Wishful Thinking Makes for Efficient Learning in Single Agent Environments and in Games Abstract
14 April J. Makowsky (Technion) On splitting formulas for graph polynomials Abstract
21 April Anat Bremler-Barr (TAU) Algorithms for Efficient and Reliable routing in the Internet Abstract
28 April Shie Mannor ( Technion) Learning and Adaptation in Competitive Dynamic Environments Abstract
5 May Steve Skiena ( SUNY) Calculated Bets: Computers, Gambling, and Mathematical Modeling to Win Abstract
12 May Adi Shamir (Weizmann) An Improved Broadcast Encryption Scheme Abstract
19 May Amir Pnueli (Weizmann) Verifying Liveness Properties of Parameterized Systems Abstract
26 May Maoz Prize ceremony
2 June Yosi Keller (TAU) Fast motion estimation using bi-directional gradient methods Abstract
9 June Umesh Vazirani, UC Berkeley How powerful are Adiabatic Quantum Algorithms? Abstract
16 June Roded Sharan (TAU) Graph Modification Problems and their Applications to Genomic Research Abstract