BCM57810 HW failure analysis, utilizing Machine Learning Algorithms (by Ofir Hermesh)

Final project for Machine Learning course by Prof. Yishay Mansour, Fall 2012/13, at  Tel-Aviv University.

Data contributed by Broadcom Israel Reseacrh LTD.


This work describes an experiment of applying machine learning algorithms to a set of HW failure reports from an ASIC device designed at Broadcom Israel Research Labs. The experiment was conducted as a final project for Machine Learning course at Tel Aviv University by Prof. Yishay Mansour. The document describes the problems of analyzing the HW failure reports and the steps used to build the data set. It then describes the general strategy for learning this data, the coding practices used and the usage and performance of each classification algorithm. Finally, it compares the algorithms and analyzes the results. The algorithms used for classification are Na?ve Bayes, KNN, SVM and AdaBoost.