Lectures' videos


Day 1

László Lovász - Spectra of graphs and geometric representations
Yuval Peres - Pinpointing mixing time and distance profiles in expanders
Gil Kalai - Polymath
Tamar Ziegler - Concatenating cubic structures


Day 2

Vojtěch Rödl - Extremal problems for uniformly dense hypergraphs
Terence Tao - The Erdos discrepancy problem
Endre Szemerédi - The Shifting Method
Alexander Schrijver - The partially disjoint paths problem

Day 3

Joel Spencer - The Strange Logic of Galton-Watson Trees
Jaroslav Nešetřil - All the Ramsey Classes
Nati Linial - High-dimensional permutations
Assaf Naor - Lipschitz extension from finite subsets

Day 4

Avi Wigderson - Disguised lower bound problems
Jennifer Chayes - Graphons and Machine Learning: Estimation of Sparse Massive Networks
János Pach - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Transversals
Jacob Fox - Combinatorics of Permutations
Zoltán Füredi - Turan type problems and algebraic constructions


Day 5

Vitali Milman - Algebraic Related Structures and the Reason behind Some Classical Constructions in Convex Geometry (and Analysis)
Micha Sharir - Eliminating cycles, cutting lenses, and bounding incidences
Uriel Feige - On the effect of randomness on planted 3-coloring models
Moshe Tennenholtz - Sequential Commitment Games
Saharon Shelah - Random graph: stronger logic but with the zero one law

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