(WST '01)

Utrecht, The Netherlands
May 20-21, 2001

Up-to Date Versions of Presented Papers

  1. Farhad Arbab, Apparent causality for distributed termination detection
  2. Cristina Borralleras & Albert Rubio, A monotonic higher-order semantic path ordering
  3. Julien Forest, Strong normalization by reducibility of the weak lambda-p calculus
  4. Alfons Geser, Decidability of termination of certain one-rule string rewriting systems
  5. Silvia Ghilezan, Viktor Kuncak & Silvia Likavec, Reducibility method for intersection types
  6. Jurgen Giesl & Aart Middeldorp, Comparing techniques for automated termination proofs
  7. Bernard Gramlich, Knowledge based simplification of termination proofs
  8. Dieter Hofbauer, On termination of multiple premise ground rewrite systems
  9. Jean-Pierre Jouannaud & Albert Rubio, Higher order recursive path orderings a la carte
  10. Fairouz Kamareddine & Alejandro Rios, Is the SE calculus strongly normalizing?
  11. Salvador Lucas, On termination of OBJ programs
  12. Salvador Lucas, Relating termination and infinitary normalization
  13. Aart Middeldorp, Approximating dependency graphs using tree automata techniques
  14. Enno Ohlebusch, Semantic labeling meets dependency pairs
  15. Mario Schmidt, Heiko Stamer & Johannes Waldmann, Busy beaver PCPs
  16. Alexander Serebrenik and Danny De Schreye, Inference of termination conditions for numerical loops
  17. Alexander Serebrenik and Danny De Schreye, On the termination of meta-programs
  18. Oliver Theel, On a control-theoretic approach for proving termination
  19. Xavier Urbain, Proving termination automatically and incrementally
  20. Wim Vanhoof & Maurice Bruynooghe, Binding-time annotations without binding-time analysis
  21. Andreas Weiermann, Mathematical analysis of some termination principles