Students of Nachum Dershowitz

  1. Jieh Hsiang (項潔), Ph.D., Topics in Automated Theorem Proving and Program Generation, University of Illinois, 1983 (David Plaisted, co-advisor); formerly Professor, State University of New York - Stony Brook; Dean of Science and Technology, National Chi-Nan University; Distingished Professor, National Taiwan University.
  2. Feipei Lai (賴飛羆), M.A., University of Illinois, 1984; Professor, National Taiwan University.
  3. Steven Greenbaum, Ph.D., Input Transformations and Resolution Implementation Techniques for Theorem Proving in First-Order Logic, University of Illinois, 1986 (committee chair; David Plaisted, advisor); formerly with Hewlett-Packard.
  4. Leo Bachmair, Ph.D., Proof Methods for Equational Theories, University of Illinois, 1987; Professor, State University of New York - Stony Brook (retired).
  5. Mitsuhiro (Mitsu) Okada, Postdoctoral student, University of Illinois, 1987-8; formerly Professor, Concordia University; Professor, Keio University.
  6. G. Sivakumar (சிவகுமார்), Ph.D., Proofs and Computations in Conditional Equational Theories, University of Illinois, 1988; formerly professor, University of Delaware; Professor, India Institute of Technology -- Bombay.
  7. Yuh-jeng Lee, Ph.D., Debugging Logic Programs Using Executable Specifications, University of Illinois, 1988; formerly Professor, Naval Postgraduate School; Senior Financial Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
  8. N. Alan Josephson, Ph.D., Implementation Techniques for Rewriting and Narrowing, University of Illinois, 1989; formerly with Texas Instruments and EMC Global Services; senior data systems manager, Newmark Knight Frank.
  9. Naomi Lindenstrauss, Ph.D., Search Strategies for Solutions to Goals of Horn Clause Programs and Rewrite Programs, Hebrew University, 1991; formerly Instructor, Hebrew University.
  10. Subrata Mitra, Ph.D., Semantic Unification for Convergent Systems, University of Illinois, 1994; formerly with IBM; Partner, Accel Partners.
  11. E. Castedo Ellerman, Honors project, University of Illinois, 1995; previously with Bear Stearns, Tellme, and Microsoft; Consultant.
  12. Charles Hoot, Ph.D., Termination of Non-Simple Rewrite Systems, University of Illinois, 1996; previously Professor, Oklahoma City University; Associate Professor, Northwest Missouri State University.
  13. Mitchell (Mitch) Harris, M.S., Ordered Construction of Combinatorial Objects, University of Illinois, 1998; continued for Ph.D.
  14. Iddo Tzameret, M.Sc., Kruskal-Friedman Gap Embedding Theorems over Well-Quasi-Orderings, Tel Aviv University, 2002; continued for Ph.D.
  15. Ely Pinchover, M.Sc., Automatic Inductive Synthesis of Equational Programs and Proving Correctness using Completion (in Hebrew), Bar-Ilan University, 2002; Head of software company.
  16. Mitchell (Mitch) Harris, Ph.D., Thresholds and Symmetries in Propositional Formulas, University of Illinois, 2002; formerly with Partners HealthCare and Harvard Medical School.
  17. Udi Boker, M.Sc., Comparing Computational Power, Tel Aviv University, 2004; continued for Ph.D.
  18. Yulik Feldman, M.Sc., Parallel Multithreaded Satisfiability Solver: Design and Implementation, Tel Aviv University, 2005; Senior Software Developer, Intel Corp., Haifa.
  19. Odelia Dayan, M.Sc., Automatic Classification of Proper Nouns Using Machine Learning Algorithms (in Hebrew), Tel Aviv University, 2005; formerly with Prime Minister's Office.
  20. Daher Kaiss, M.Sc., Intersection-Based Methods for Boosting Satisfiability Testing Using Boolean Rings, Tel Aviv University, 2005; team leader, Intel Corp., Haifa.
  21. Jacob Katz, M.Sc., Model Checking with Quantified Boolean Formulas, Tel Aviv University, 2005; Senior Staff Software Engineer, Intel Corp., Haifa.
  22. Kfir Bar, M.Sc., An Arabic To English Example-Based Translation System, Tel Aviv University, 2007; continued for Ph.D.
  23. Udi Boker, Ph.D., The Influence of Domain Interpretation on Computational Models, Tel Aviv University, 2009; formerly Lady Davis postdoc at Hebrew University and at IST Austria; Senior Lecturer, Reichman University, Herzliya.
  24. Iddo Tzameret, Ph.D., Studies in Algebraic and Propositional Proof Complexity, Tel Aviv University, 2009; formerly postdoc at Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, and at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; Professer, Royal Holloway, London, UK; Professor, Imperial College, London, UK.
  25. Alexander Nadel, Ph.D., Understanding and Improving a Modern SAT Solver, Tel Aviv University, 2009; Researcher, Intel Corp., Haifa.
  26. Alexander (Alex) Zhicharevich, M.Sc, Tools to Aid OCR of Hebrew Character Manuscripts, Tel Aviv University, 2012; Principal Data Scientist, Intuit.
  27. Andrey Rosenberg (Stolyarenko), M.Sc., Using SIFT Descriptors for OCR of Printed Arabic, Tel Aviv University, 2012; technical solutions consultant, Google.
  28. Tamar Lavee, M.Sc., Computer Analyses of the Dead Sea Scroll Manuscripts, Tel Aviv University, 2013; IBM, Israel.
  29. Kfir Bar, Ph.D., Deriving Paraphrases for Highly Inflected Languages, with a Focus on Machine Translation, Tel Aviv University, 2014; formerly VP R&D Intuview Corp.; Chief Scientist (text analytics), Basis Technology; Assistant professor, reichman University, Herzliah.
  30. Evgenia (Jenny) Falkovich (Derzhavetz), Ph.D., On Generic Models of Computation, Tel Aviv University, 2015; Senior Software Engineer, Dell EMC.
  31. Lena Dankin, M.Sc., Prepositional-Phrase Attachment Disambiguation Using Derived Semantic Information and Large External Corpora, Tel Aviv University, 2015; continued for Ph.D.
  32. Jonathan Kalechstain, M.Sc., Satisfiability with Hints, Tel Aviv University, 2015; Algorithm Engineer, Taboola.
  33. Daniel Labenski, M.Sc., Finding Inter-textual Relations in Historical Texts, Tel Aviv University, October 2016; formerly Text Analytics Researcher, IBM; Head of Data Science at Diagnostic Robotics.
  34. Ido Kissos, M.Sc., Improving Image Documents Retrievability through Image and OCR-Text Correction Assisted by Language Models, Tel Aviv University, November 2016; VP Growth, BoxyCharm.
  35. Adi Silberpfennig, M.Sc., Word Spotting Applications for Historical Documents, Tel Aviv University (Lior Wolf, supervisor), February 2017; Algorithm engineer, Corephotonics.
  36. Taivanbat Badamdorj, Undergraduate engineering project, “Matching and Searching the Dead Sea Scrolls”, School of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, 2019; M.Sc., University of Alberta; Research Engineer, Borealis AI.
  37. Ori Terner, M.Sc., Transliteration of Judeo-Arabic Texts to Arabic Using Recurrent Neural Networks, Tel Aviv University, 2020; at Jerusalem College of Technology.
  38. Alexey Pechorin, M.Sc., Contributions to the Alignment of Transcriptions and Images of Historical Manuscripts, Tel Aviv University, 2020; Algorithm and Java Developer, Taboola.
  39. Vered Zilberstein, M.Sc., Semantic Characteristics of Schizophrenic Speech, Tel Aviv University (Kfir Bar, co-advisor), 2020; Senior Software Engineer, Taboola.
  40. Tal Roth, M.Sc., The Communication Complexity of Multiparty Set Disjointness Under Product Distributions, Tel Aviv University (Rotem Oshman, co-advisor), 2020; Ph.D. student, Tel Aviv University.
  41. Saeed Esmail, M.Sc., How Much Does Lookahead Matter for Disambiguation? Partial Arabic Diacritization Case Study, Tel Aviv University (Kfir Bar, co-advisor), 2021; Engineer, DailyRobotics.
  42. Itay Itzhak, M.Sc., Models In a Spelling Bee: Language Models Implicitly Learn the Character Composition of Tokens, Tel Aviv University (Omer Levy, Kfir Bar, co-advisors), 2021; Ph.D. student, Technion.
  43. Sharva Gogawale, Undergraduate project, Dead Sea scrolls, School of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, 2022; M.Sc. student, Tel Aviv University.
  44. Tomer Ben Moshe, M.Sc., The Contribution of Prosody to Machine Classification of Schizophrenia, Tel Aviv University (Kfir Bar, co-advisor), 2023.
  45. Shlomo (Solomon) Tannor, M.Sc., Style Classification of Rabbinic Literature for Detection of Lost Midrash Tanḥuma Material, Tel Aviv University, 2023; Data Scientist, Checkpoint.

  46. Shmuel (Samuel) Londner, M.Sc., Transfer Learning and Natural Language Processing for Semi-supervised Character Recognition of Ancient Jewish Manuscripts, Tel Aviv University, 2023.
  47. Lena Dankin, Ph.D. candidate, NLP, Tel Aviv University.
  48. Olya Sirkin, M.Sc. candidate, Computational paleography, Tel Aviv University.
  49. Ohr Dalal, M.A. candidate, Computational archeology, Tel Aviv University (Israel Finkelstein, co-advisor).
  50. Gidi Yoffe, M.A. candidate, Computational humanities, Tel Aviv University (Israel Finkelstein, co-advisor).
  51. Hila Reicher, Ph.D. candidate, Computational health, Tel Aviv University.
  52. Berat Kurar Barakat, Postdoctoral student, Tel Aviv University.
  53. Yair Vaknin, M.Sc. candidate, Computational health, Tel Aviv University.