The 7th FSCD (International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction) will be held in Haifa, August 2-8, 2022, as part of FLoC 2022, with workshops on the preceding two days.
FSCD is a series of annual conferences, started in 2016, which merged and superseded two conferences:

Building on the RTA and TLCA communities, FSCD updates and modernizes the RTA and TLCA core topics and broadens their scope to closely related areas in logics, models of computation (e.g. quantum computing, probabilistic computing, homotopy type theory), semantics and verification in new challenging areas.

FSCD 2022

FSCD 2022 is the 7th edition of FSCD and accepts submissions in two categories: (1) original and unpublished regular research papers presenting original and unpublished research; (2) system descriptions about software tools.

FSCD stands by a Code of Conduct.

Previous editions of FSCD have been held at:

Call for papers


Affiliated workshops

Several one- or two-day workshops will be held as satellite events prior to the conference proper. Topics may include: homotopy type theory and univalent foundations, intersection types, rewriting techniques for program transformations and evaluation, unification, termination and confluence of rewriting systems, confluence, logical semantics frameworks and applications. See here for details.

Invited Speakers



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