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We are now ready for a major definition.

\begin{dfn}{\rm This is the definition of {\em myword}.} \end{dfn}

Corollary 2.3   This is a corollary following from the definition of myword.

Sometimes we define terms in the middle of a paragraph. This is a   different term being defined. Wasn't that easy?

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Figure 2.1: This is my picture.
(400,250)(0,25) % begins picture environment
\end{picture} %

Figure 2.2: This is a new picture.
\begin{figure}\vspace{3.5cm} %

This can be seen in Figure 2.1. Note that latex actually places this text before the figure, even though it appears after the figure in the .tex file.

Figure 2.3: Code for MAKELABELi of BCTSS
\ \ \ \ \=\...
...\-\-\ \\
{\small\bf end} {\sc makelabel}$_i$\- \\ \end{tabbing} \end{minipage}}.

Yishay Mansour