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You will probably need to include figures in your notes. The way to include a figure is with the figure environment:

  \caption{This is the caption}

This will produce Figure 1 in this document. LATEX will move figures around to where it sees fit, which is not always what you want. You can force them to the top or bottom by including [t] or [b] at the end of the first line. (See the template file for information on drawing pictures with latex. -Isaac)

Figure 1: This is the caption

Two other useful tasks to be accomplished here are defining new commands and theorem-like environments.

Theorem-like environments enable you to format lemmas, theorems, conjectures, in nice form such as this:

Theorem 1   This is where the statement of the theorem goes.

That was accomplished by including in the preamble
and then placing in the text:
This is where the statement of the theorem goes.
(All of this is provided in the template file so that the notes look uniform.)

Yishay Mansour