Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University,
School of Computer Science

Communication Networks

(0368 - 3030)

Fall 2006

Lecturer: Yishay Mansour



General Information |  Assignments


Where to Submit

At the recitation or to David's mailbox (located at Schrieber, 1st floor).


Programming Assignments

Requirements (please read first !)

Programming Assignment 1 due 15.11.2006

Programming Assignment 2 due 13.12.2006

Programming Assignment 3 due 14.1.2007

What to Submit

1. Due to permission/compilation problems, every couple should try to login from the second user (not the one handling the files), and make sure the files can be read.
2. You should hand in a printout of the source code and write on the handed papers pointer to the assignment directory.
3. Mention there the name of the machine on which the program has been tested.


Theoretical Assignments

Theoretical Assignment 1 due 22.11.2006

Theoretical Assignment 2 due 6.12.2006

Theoretical Assignment 3 due 4.1.2007

Theoretical Assignment 4 due 21.1.2007 New



The grades below are correct for 7/2/07.

Group 02

Group 03