Student Projects

Projects part of machine learning class 2012/13


Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews and Twitter Statuses, Kfir Bar

Learning to rank, Itai Berman and Oren Ish-AM

Classification of breast cancer samples using patient-specific gene expression and predicted flux rate data, Keren Yizhak

AdaBoost-r, Uri Kanonov and Or Kamara

Final project, Daniel Labenski, Tal Saiag

Node Classification, Ofir Geri, Or Ozery

BCM57810 HW failure analysis, utilizing Machine Learning Algorithms, Ofir Hermesh

Identifying Deceptive Hotel Reviews, Yogev Vaknin and  Nir Hemed

Image Search using SURF and LSH, Jenia Gorokhovsky

סיווג תמרורי רחוב בעזרת אלגוריתמי למידה חישובית, קמינקר טל ולנדאו דניאל

Exploring the Effect of Missing Nominal Data on AdaBoost, Hila Peleg and Lee Abe Teichner

k-Nearest Neighbor modifications for the Splice Junction Classification Problem, Ezra Levin and Gitit Kehat

Generalizing Binary Classifiers to the Multiclass Case, Eliyahu Dain, Rotem Zach

Click Predictor, Yackov Lubarksy, Shimon Salant

Machine Learning Project - Spoken Letters Recognition, Yuval Globerson and Oleg Zlydenko

Prediction of symptoms for genetic disease, Itay Dangoor

Classification basketball players to their position by their statistics, Yuval Snappir,                Ariel Persiko


Summary of the CAPTHA technology in the last years And the ways to break those CAPTCHAs, Gorelik Ilia

Location classification of spectroscopy data in wafer metrology devices, Marcelo Bacher

Transcript features enable accurate prediction and understanding of gene expression in S. cerevisiae, Hadas Zur

Spam Email Filtering, Guy Lev and Shahar Yifrah

Tackling the problem of automatic detection, recognition and segmentation of object classes in photographs, Yaniv Bar

SMS Spam Recognition, Eyal Altshuler & Ariel Jarovsky

digit-recognizer, Ben Klein, Adi Haviv

Online Learning for Global Cost Functions, Sella Nevo & Misha Seltzer