Fall Semester 2016-2017

Kaplun 324

Monday 11:00-13:00

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October 31, 2016 Administrative
Introduction to SDN
November 7, 2016 Introduction to L2, L3 forwarding
OpenFlow basics
Open vSwitch
November 14, 2016 OpenDayLight
First SDN Application
November 21, 2016 Model and implement a simple SDN static router
Projects overview
November 28, 2016 Project idea presentation - Meeting with each group
December 5, 2016 Hack Maven, OSGi and Karaf
Hack Linux switching, routing and firewall
March 15, 2017 Final Project Submission
By Appoinment
Prof. Yehuda Afek yehuda dot afek at gmail dot com
Alex Feigin alex dot feigin at hpe dot com
Lior Shafir lior dot shafir at gmail dot com