Kfir Bar


I am a natural language processing (NLP) researcher. I recently completed my PhD, for a thesis on “Deriving Paraphrases for Highly Inflected Languages, with a Focus on Machine Translation” at Tel-Aviv University under the supervision of Prof. Nachum Dershowitz. In particular, my research focuses on automatic learning techniques for identifying paraphrases in Arabic texts, so as to improve the performance of an automatic Arabic-to-English translation system.

I co-founded Comprendi, focusing on delivering actionable insights and hyper segmentation leveraging big data. In a previous position, I was the chief technology officer (CTO) at IntuView Inc. for seven years. At IntuView we developed semantic-based algorithms for named entity recognition and document classification.
I have a special interest in morphologically rich languages, especially Semitic languages (e.g., Hebrew and Arabic).

email: kfirbar at post.tau.ac.il

Tel Aviv University, Israel