Ilan Ben-Bassat

PhD Student in Computer Science
Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
Advised by Prof. Benny Chor
Formelry an IBM Security Division employee

Contact Information
Office:404 Shenkar Physics Building
Address:Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
Research Interests
The focus of my research lies in designing computational methods for deep-sequencing data analysis, with an emphasis on:
  • Protein-RNA binding prediction
  • De-novo genome assembly
  • CRISPR detection
  • On the computational side, I am especially interested in:
  • Deep learning
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Sampling methods and probabilistic data structures
  • Graph algorithms
  • Publications
    I. Ben-Bassat and E. Rokah, Locality-sensitive hashing for efficient web application security testing
    ICISSP 2019 (to appear) ICISSP Proceedings (to appear)
    I. Ben-Bassat, B. Chor, and Y. Orenstein A Deep Neural Network Approach for Learning Intrinsic Protein-RNA Binding Preferences
    ECCB 2018 Bioinformatics PDF
    I. Ben-Bassat and B. Chor, CRISPR Detection from Very Short Reads Using Partial Overlap Graphs
    RECOMB 2015 PDF
    I. Ben-Bassat and B. Chor, String Graph Construction Using Incremental Hashing
    ISMB HitSEQ 2014 Bioinformatics PDF
    Technical Reports
    I. Ben-Bassat, Enhancing crawling coverage of dynamic web applications by automatically detecting content-affecting parameters in HTTP requests
    DLPRB: Deep Learning for Protein-RNA Binding Prediction
    CRISPR Detection Tool
    String Graph Construction Tool
    Introduction to Computer Science in Python for Mathematicians (Spring 2018))
    Programming in Python for Engineers (Fall 2016-2017)
    Programming in Python for Engineers (Fall 2015-2016)
    Programming in Python for Electrical Engineers (Spring 2015)
    Programming in Python for Chemists (Spring 2015)
    Programming in C for Electrical Engineers, TA (Spring 2014)
    Extended Introduction in Python for Computer Science, TA (Fall 2012-2013)
    A Window to Computer Science for non Exact Science students, TA (Fall 2012-2013)
    Other Links
    My full CV can be found here.