Workshop: Computer Vision

3rd year undergraduate workshop

The main objective of the workshop is to expose the students to a typical R&D cycle that involves various design, code writing and integration of a real world (small) application. This will be carried out in teams of 3, and the deliverables include 3 types of documents and a working application. 

1.    User manual: describing the full functionality and GUI of the system. Submitted until the 4th week. Example.

2.    General design: describing the whole modular and data flow aspect of the application, possibly without specifying the exact algorithmic implementation details. Submitted until the end of the semester. Example.

3.    Detailed design; this is included as documentation in the source code, and specifies the detailed implementation. Submitted with the working application until the formal deadline for projects submission.

Typical projects usually consists of interactive games played across the internet, where at each end the application detects and recognize objects, faces, gestures etc. (for example  playing virtual ping pong where the application detects the bat held by the player), or monitoring tasks (car traffic assessment, counting people entering a building etc.)


Open CV presentation

OpenCV installation


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