Spring 2007

Computational Models in Neuroscience



 The seminar will be based on reading a journal or conference paper, and

presenting it to the class.


The topics will be computational models in Neuroscience, ranging from

Models of single neurons to various models of human vision and analysis of

Brain activity by advance imaging methods.


Papers sample:


1.   Modelling Single neuron Dynamics and Computations 

2.   Sparse Representation in the Human Medial temporal Lobe

3.   Functional Imaging Analysis of Brain Activity during Movie Viewing

4.   Auditory Stereo Computation

5.   The Infotaxis algorithm: looking for the source of the smell

6.   How could the Brain be packed efficiently?

7.   Is there “Free Will”?

8.   Models of Attention

9.   The Binding problem

10.Neural basis of Motion Perception

11.Lightness Perception

12.Pyramids and MultiResolution

13.A General Model of Stereo Space

14.Mirror Neurons (also look at wikipedia)