ALBI: Accurate LMM-based heritability Bootstrap confidence Intervals



ALBI is a method for the estimation of the distribution of the heritability estimator, and for the construction of accurate confidence intervals (CIs). ALBI can be used as an add-on to existing methods for heritability and variance components estimation. ALBI's input is the eigenvalues of a kinship matrix (possibly, also its eigenvectors, and general covariates), and it produces accurate confidence intervals for a set of heritability estimates. ALBI can be used as a command-line program or as a Python module.






ALBI can be downloaded here via github.






A complete documentation of ALBI can be found in ALBI's main github page.



Citing ALBI



If you use ALBI in any published work, please cite the manuscript describing the method:


Regev Schweiger, Shachar Kaufman, Reijo Laaksonen, Marcus E. Kleber, Winfried März, Eleazar Eskin, Saharon Rosset and Eran Halperin, Fast and Accurate Construction of Confidence Intervals for Heritability, The American Journal of Human Genetics (2016),






Code written by Reut Yedidim and Regev Schweiger. For questions or comments, mail