Advanced Topics in Computer Networks: Peer-to-Peer Networks (2010/11)

Prof. Hanoch Levy ( hanoch at cs dot tau dot ac dot il ) 
1st Semester, 2010/11 - .  
School of Computer Science, 
Tel-Aviv University

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Messages to Students:
Message 4/3/2011:

Grades were given to mazkirut. Will be pulished early next week. I just sent email to all of you with grade explanations and pitron Bet Sefer.

Message 13/2/2011: some corrections to lecture notes:
Lecture notes 4 - Page 4: last equation -- is not right. Pleas take from Kleinrock.
Lecture notes 4 Page 6 : e^(-lambda t_0 ) should be e^(-lambda delta t)
Lecture notes 3 page 4 middle: Sigma Pi_i should be equal to 1 (and not to zero)

General Comments and comments about the exam 8/2/2011:

1. Re the class notes -- Notes # 6 -- note that Jackson networks hold when all service times are exponential. If it is missing in the notes -- please add it. (and you can read the one page describing them in Kleinrock Chapter 4).
Lecture notes 1 and 6 have been updated for small corrections.
2. Material for the exam: Everything we covered in the theoretical lectures is for the exam. Regarding potential questions -- you can look both Kleinrock's book (chapters 2 -- parts of it, chapter 3 [all of it], chapter 4 [only the relevant things. There are not too many questions on the things we covered, so I can ask only things that require understanding and usage of what I covered in class], and the appendix on generating function as SUPPORTING for analysis of Markov Chains). Also -- Bertsekas and Gallager Data Networks (chap 3 in 2nd edition) -- has plenty of questions on the things we covered in class.
3. The exam will consist of ABOUT 3 questions (probably with several sections each). In a questions of multiple sections -- if the calculation in one section (say x) depends on the calculation in a prior section (y), and if you unfortunately cannot find (y) -- we might have the option of granting you (y) (of course without giving you the grade for it... :-( ) .

Emphasis will be given on modeling problems using the models we studied (Markov Chains) and deriving their performance.
First page of the exam is here .

Our meeting for final discussion of P2P subjects will be held right after the exam at Shreiber 9.

As said in class -- this discussion will be accounted for in the final grade.
Please send me in advance a (short) description of issues you plan to discuss.

SOLUTIONS to Homework Assignment 2 is here .

Homework Assignment 1 is here (due date on Nov 17) .
Homework Assignment 2 is here (due date on Dec 12 ) .

General Course material:

Course Abstract .
Course Description + General requirements.

List of papars on P2p (for presentation).

Copies of Slides (to be updated):

Lecture Notes:

Theoretical Background
Intro+Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6

Peer to Peer
Lecture 1: Introduction of P2P, and Bittorent
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Lecture 7

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