Computer Networking Seminar

School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

2005/6 Semester B, Thursday, 10:30
Coordinator: Prof. Hanoch Levy and Prof. Yishay Mansour

Schedule of Talks

  • 16/03/06: Moshe Haviv, Hebrew University.
    Title: Queueing Games
    Copies of slides

  • 23/3/06: Meir Herzberg , ECI Telecom.
    Origin-Destination (OD) Cycles in Multi-domain, Multi-service Survivable Networks

  • 30/3/06: Emmanuelle Lebhar, LIP - ENS Lyon (Lyon, France)
    A doubling dimension threshold $\Theta(\log\log n)$ for augmented graphs navigability

  • 6/4/06: Danny Hendler, Technion
    Tight Time Lower Bound for Distributed Counting and Related Problems

  • 27/04/06: INFOCOM - No meeting

  • 4/05/06: David Raz, CS, Tel-Aviv Univ.
    Locality of Reference and the Use of Waiting Time Variance for Measuring Queue Unfairness

  • 11/05/06: Yoram Ofek, University of Trento - Department of Information and Communication Technology
    Scalable Switching: Design, Analysis and Implementation
  • 18/05/06: No seminar. Workshop on Networks, Queues, Perfrmance & Stochastic Modeling (honoring the retirement of Uri Yechiali) - Shefayim.
  • 25/05/06: Eran Shir, EE, TAU
    Distributive immunization of networks against viruses using the 'honey-pot' architecture

  • 8/06/06: Anat Bremler-Barr, IDC
    Bringing Order to BGP: Decreasing Time and Message Complexity

  • 15/06/06 (at 10:00) : Liam Rodity
    On Nash Equilibria for a Network Creation Game