Computer Networking Seminar

School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

2004/5 Semester B
Coordinator: Prof. Hanoch Levy

Schedule of Talks

  • 24/02/05: Liran Katzir, Computer Science, Technion.
    Title:A Generic Quantitative Approach to the Scheduling of Synchronous Packets in a Shared Medium Wireless Access Network
    Copies of slides

  • 3/3/05: Rannan Refua, Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University
    Improved Compression-Latency Trade-Off through Delayed-Dictionary Compression
    Copies of slides

  • 10/3/05: Hanoch Levy, Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University
    Top Percentile Pricing and the Economics of Multi-Homing

    Copies of slides

  • 17/03/05: No Seminar. Infocom.

  • 24/03/05: Meir Herzberg, ECI
    Multi-service Survivable Telecommunication Networks

    Copies of slides

  • 31/03/05: Zohar Naor, Haifa University
    On-line Search for Mobile users
    Copies of slides

  • 07/04/05: Yuval Shavitt, Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv Univeristy
    Title: DIMES, a distributed Internet measurement infrastructure: rational, architecture, and some results

  • 14/04/05: No Seminar (secial colloqium at that time).
    Title: TBD

  • 5/05/05: Omer Gurewitz, Electrical Engineering, Technion
    Title: Network Classless Time Protocol Based on Clock Offset Optimization

  • 19/05/05: Nadav Lavi, Electrical Engineering, Technion
    Title: TBD

  • 26/05/05: Haim Zlatokrilov, Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University
    Title: TBD

  • 2/06/05: TBD
    Title: TBD