Computer Networking Seminar

School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

2004/5 Semester A
Coordinator: Prof. Hanoch Levy

Schedule of Talks

  • 28/10/04: Dr. Alex Kessleman, Max Plank Institute
    Fast Distributed Algorithm for Convergecast in Ad Hoc Geometric Radio Networks
    Copies of slides

  • 4/11/04: Yosi Richter, Tel-Aviv University
    Tradeoffs in worst-case equilibria

  • 11/11/04: Tomer Tankel, Tel-Aviv University
    Embedding the Internet in Hyperbolic spaces and its usage for Overlay Construction and Distance Estimation

    Copies of slides

  • 18/11/04: David Raz, Tel-Aviv University
    How Fair is Queue Prioritization?
    Copies of slides
  • 25/11/04: Prof. Daniel Kofman, Telecom Paris (ENST)
    Stochastic Geometry as a tool for the modeling of telecommunication networks
    Copies of slides

  • 2/12/04: Prof. Daniel Kofman, Telecom Paris (ENST)
    Main trends in networking
    Copies of slides

  • 16/12/04: Prof. Haim Kaplan, Tel-Aviv University
    Spatially decaying aggregation of data

  • 23/12/04: Amir Epstein, Tel-Aviv University
    The Price of Routing Unsplittable Flow

  • 30/12/04: Prof. Mor Harchol-Balter, Carnegie Mellon University
    Scheduling Your Network Connections (the SYNC project)
    Link to Copies of slides

  • 6/1/05: Dr. Anat Bremler-Barr, IDC, Herzeliya
    Understanding the sources of connection degradation

  • 13/1/05: Aharon Shapira, Nomad Access
    Implementation of Proportional Fairness in CDMA based cellular networks