Seminar in Data Mining -

Amos Fiat (
2nd Semester, 2002/2003 - Tuesday 10:00-12:00
School of Mathematical Sciences,
Tel-Aviv University


  1. CHARM: An Efficient Algorithm for Closed Itemset Mining. Mohammed Zaki and Ching-Jui Hsiao.
  2. CLOSET: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Closed Itemsets. Pei, Han, Mao.
  3. A tree Projection Algorithm For Generation of Frequent Itemsets - 1999. R. Agarwal, C. Aggarwal, V.V.V. Prased.
  4. On the complexity of Mining Association Rules. F. Angiulli, G. Ianni, L. Palopoli.
  5. Depth Project: Depth First Generation of Long Patterns. R. Agarwal, C. Aggarwal, V.V.V. Prased.
  6. Discovering all Most Specific Sentences by Randomized Algorithms - 1997. D. Gunopulos, H. Mannila, S. Saluja.
  7. GenMax: Efficient Mining Maxmal Frequent Itemsets - 2001. K. Gouda, M.J. Zaki. Presented by Zeev Dvir, 11/3/2003. Powerpoint
  8. Max-Miner: Efficiently mining long patterns from databases - 1998. R.J. Bayardo.
  9. Fast Vertical Mining Using Diffsets - 2001. K. Gouda, M.J. Zaki. Presented by Amir Epstein , 8/4/2003. Powerpoint
  10. Generating Non-Redundant Association Rules - 2000. M.J. Zaki. Presented by Yaeer Master, 1/4/2003. Powerpoint
  11. Interestingness Measures for Association Patterns - A Perspective - 2000. P.N. Tan, V. Kumar.
  12. MAFIA: A Maximal Frequent Itemset Algorithm for Transaction Databases - 2001. D. Burdick, M. Culimlim, J. Gehrke. Presented by Gil Margolin, 25/3/2003. Powerpoint
  13. Item based collaborative filtering recommendation algorithms. Badrul Sarvar, George Karypis, Joseph Konstan & John Riedl. Presented by Vered Kunik, 27/5/2003. Powerpoint

Assigned Talks

Introduction, Amos Fiat, Feb 18, 2003.

Opher Pastenak - Fast Gen. of Association Rules. Powerpoint

Idit Heran - Generalized Association Rules. Powerpoint