Computational Game Theory 2010

Amos Fiat (
1st Semester, 2010/11 - Wednesday 1500-1800
School of Computer Science,
Tel-Aviv University

Excellent classes on similar subjects(unfortunately given elsewhere or the lecturer is missing/abroad/etc.):

Paul W. Goldberg, Liverpool: Introduction to PPAD

Adam Tauman Kalai 2008: Game Theory and Computer Science (Class at Georgia Tech)

Yishay Mansour 2004: Computational Game Theory (Class at TAU)

Yishay Mansour 2006: Computational Game Theory (Class at TAU)

Tim Roughgarden and Jason Hartline 2005: Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory (Class at Stanford)

New: Survey of Algorithmic Game Theory, Tim Roughgarden, Stanford.

Vincent Conitzer 2006: Computational Game Theory and Mechanism Design (Class at Duke)

Michael Kearns, 2003 (Class at Penn)

Eva Tardos, 2004: Algorithmic Game Theory (Class at Cornell)

Joan Feigenbaum, 2006: Economics and Computation (Class at Yale)

David C. Parkes, 2007: Computational Mechanism Design (Class at Harvard)

Noam Nisan, 2007: Foundations of Electronic Commerce (Class at HU)

Final Project Papers: