Computer Programming
Fall 2003



  • This course will teach some of the rudiments of computer programming and some of the essentials of the C/C++ programming language.
  • First Lecture - 15/10/2002
  • Assignment No. 1 has been posted.

    For each programming exercise you need to submit at least 3 files; (1) the source file (2) the executable file, and (3) a file that contains the output of the program. If appropriate, submit a file that contains the input to the program as well. Use "a1_" as a prefix for the names of all the files of assignment 1. Use ".cin" and ".cout" as the extensions of the input and output files respectively. For example, you may use a1_art.c, a1_art.exe, and a1_art.cout as the names of the C source, executable, and output files of the artistic exercise (1) of assignment 1.

  • Assignment No. 2 has been posted.

    Regarding Problem (3), xi is the ith roll value (d1 + d2). The average is the sum of all roll values divided by the number of rolls (1000 in the handed out program).

  • Due date of assignment No. 2 is December the 3rd, 2002.
  • Formula (1) to compute Pi in question (2) was missing the constant 2, and formula (2) in the same question was missing the constant 4. I've fixed it in the assignment PostScript file (assign2.ps). Make sure you use the correct formula.
  • Due date of assignment No. 3 is December the 24th, 2002.
  • The due date of assignment 4. has been postponed to Jan. 12th, 2003.
  • The final is worth 55% (since assignment 5. is short and is worth only 5%). It will last a week. I'll post it on the class web site on sunday, 02/02/2003. I'll also be in the Geometry Lab in the Schriber building, basement 18, at 10:00 with hard copies. I'll expect you to submit your solutions via email to me no later than 09/02/2003.

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C++ Hard References

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On-line References

C programming by Steve Summit.
C programming by Steve Holmes.
Programming in C - A large repository of useful web pointers regarding C.
Computers > Programming > Languages > C

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