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An invitation to the SSRM symposium

Simulation-based System Risk Management

Tel-Aviv University, 26-Oct 2011





The symposium is open to all. Please confirm your attendance ASAP by emailing ssrm_symposium@cs.tau.ac.il . Also, feel free to forward this invitation to anybody else who might be interested.




As the modern world produces more complex and integrated socio-technical systems, understanding their risks and tradeoffs becomes ever more crucial. We are all familiar with socio-technical accidents (in areas such as aviation, military systems, medical systems etc.) whose causes, which seem obvious in retrospect, were hidden beforehand by the systems’ complexity.


Let’s call this problem (finding and qualifying risks in socio-technical systems) System Risk Management or SRM for short. Currently there are various approaches to SRM, such as fault-trees, formal analysis etc. However, we believe that these approaches will not suffice as the problem continues to grow.


Meanwhile, simulation-based verification has proven itself as the most effective bug-finding approach in the complex world of electronic system design (more on this in the web site). Thus we believe that Simulation-based SRM (SSRM) has a lot of promise. It is, however, fairly rare in practice – there are still quite a few challenges to overcome.


The SSRM symposium is meant to bring together people from industry and the academic world to discuss SRM in general and SSRM specifically, in the hope of bootstrapping this new, interdisciplinary area.


Please visit the Symposium’s web site at http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~amiramy/ssrm for further information, including topics of interest, FAQ, references, abstracts etc.


Tentative agenda



Note: We have the room until 6 – some people may want to stay for a smaller-forum discussion