Research Seminar: 0368-5190-01 Advanced Software Tools

Shahar Maoz (maoz at cs dot tau dot ac dot il )
Amiram Yehudai ( amiramy at tau dot ac dot il )

The Blavatnik School of Computer Sciences,
Tel-Aviv University

in cooperation with
Yishai Feldman (yishai at il dot ibm dot com ) 
Shmuel Tyszberowicz (tyshbe at tau dot ac dot il ) 

This is a research seminar. The main goal is to present ongoing research.
Lectures are given by Faculty members, students, and guests. If you want to
be included in the mailing list, please send email to Amiram Yehudai.

Everyone is welcome to attend. BUT if you want to be registered to the seminar, you
should first look at page 2 (2nd bullet) of the Guide to MSC studies in the School of CS
where the difference between regular seminars 4XXX and advanced topics seminars 5XXX
(like this one) is explained. Note that each registered student has to give a presentation
each semester s/he is registered, and attend regularly. The seminar is yearly, but a student may request to
be dropped after one semester and get a grade for that semester (if s/he gave a presentation).
contact Amiram Yehudai (during a seminar meeting, or by e-mail) if you want to be registered.

Note that this year, for technical reasones, the seminar is not listed a single, yearly seminar, but as two seperate seminars, one each semester. 
In practice, we will treat it as one seminar. In any case, we will register students by sending a list to the Mazkirut.

Weekly meetings
Monday 18:10-20:00.

Room – Schreiber 309

see University Map for the location. Gate 2 (pedestrian) is the closest, and is now open until 19:30. If you come from the train station, enter through gate 14 (open until 18:00).

Date Speaker(s) Title

Oct 19, 2015 Prof. Robyn Lutz,Iowa State Software Product-Line Engineering for Sustainable, Long-lived Systems
Oct 26, 2015 No meeting (A seminar on Turing's work, in TAU)  see details in Cohn Institute web site
Nov 2, 2015 Amiram Yehudai (+?) informal impressions from ESEC/FSE 2015
Nov 9, 2015 Aharon Abadi PhD talk: An Investigation of the Plan Calculus as a Complete Intermediate Program Representation
Nov 16, 2015 No meeting  (HVC in Haifa)
Nov 23, 2015 Jan Oliver Ringert A Framework for Relating Syntactic and Semantic Model Differences
Nov 30, 2015 No Meeting - CS Alumni event
Dec 7, 2015 No Meeting
Dec 14, 2015 Nimrod Busany Behavioral Log Analysis with Statistical Guarantees
Dec 21, 2015 Dan Berry, U. Waterloo Difference Between Mathematics and Programming:  Why For Sure, There Will Never Be a Silver Bullet
Dec 28, 2015 Meeting cancelled
Jan  4, 2016 Yishai Feldman Functional programming in mainstream languages, 

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