Allon Wagner

  • The Blavatnik School of Computer Science
  • Tel-Aviv University
  • Email: allonwag at post (and then "dot tau dot ac dot il")

I am currently working on genome-scale metabolic networks. Previously, I worked in the public sector for several years in design and analysis of network protocols. In my spare time, I am an avid student of ancient languages and dabble in "computational archaeology".

I am fortunate to work with Prof. Eytan Ruppin, who can combine deep research insights and silly jokes in a single sentence.

Fun trivia: I am NOT the Alon Wagner who was recently indicted for stock manipulation, nor am I related to him. That guy is probably much wealthier than I am.


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Journal Publications:

* marks equal contribution.
  • Network-level architecture and the evolutionary potential of underground metabolism
    R. A. Notebaart, B. Szappanos, B. Kintses, F. Pál, Á. Györkei, B. Bogos, V. Lázár, R. Spohn, B. Csörgő, A. Wagner, E. Ruppin, C. Pál, B. Papp
    Accepted to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
  • Dead Sea pollen record and history of human activity in the Judean Highlands (Israel) from the Intermediate Bronze into the Iron Ages (∼2500–500 BCE)
    D. Langgut, F.H. Neumann, M. Stein, A. Wagner, E.J. Kagan, E. Boaretto, I. Finkelstein
    Accepted to Palynology.
  • Maximal sum of metabolic exchange fluxes outperforms biomass yield as a predictor of growth rate of microorganisms
    R. Zarecki*, M.A. Oberhardt*, K. Yizhak, A. Wagner, E. Shtifman Segal, S. Freilich, C.S. Henry, U. Gophna, E. Ruppin
    PLOS ONE, 2014 [web | pdf].
  • Quantitative social network analysis (SNA) and the study of cuneiform archives: a test-case based on the Murašû archive
    A. Wagner, Y. Levavi, S. Kedar, K. Abraham, Y. Cohen, R. Zadok
    Akkadica, 2013.
  • Computational evaluation of cellular metabolic costs successfully predicts genes whose expression is deleterious
    A. Wagner, R. Zarecki, L. Reshef, C. Gochev, R. Sorek, U. Gophna, E. Ruppin
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2013. [web | pdf | PNAS blog]

Active Participation in Scientific Conferences:

  • A tutorial on Social Network Analysis (SNA) for historians of the ancient world
    A. Wagner
    SNA Workshop in the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS), 2013, The Netherlands (invited lecture).
  • TOX: Metabolic models predict toxic effects of gene over-expression that are caused by metabolic flux rerouting
    A. Wagner, R. Zarecki, L. Reshef, R. Sorek, U. Gophna, E. Ruppin
    COBRA 2012, Elsinore, Denmark, best poster award.
  • A genome-scale analysis examining whether drug treatment reinstates metabolic homeostasis
    N. Cohen, A. Wagner, E. Ruppin
    COBRA 2012, Elsinore, Denmark (poster).
  • Two case-studies of quantitative social network analysis (SNA) applied to cuneiform archives
    A. Wagner
    RAI 2012, Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • Building the Cuneiform Texts Mentioning Israelites, Judeans and Related Population Groups Project
    A. Wagner, R. Zadok
    Workshop on Computer-Aided Research of Historical Archives in the Humanities 2012, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • CTIJ: an online database of Cuneiform Texts mentioning Israelites, Judeans, and other related population groups
    A. Wagner, S. Kedar, Y. Cohen, R. Zadok
    Berkeley Prosopography Project (BPS) Workshop 2010, Berkeley, CA.