Programming Smart Phones for the benefit of the Community


This document is served as an index to the class material as well as for the other useful materials that we prepare for you and that you could find elsewhere on the net.


Please note:  we are about to modify/replace this file from time to time to reflect additional material and more advanced examples. Since the WEB may cache the file, make sure to download the file each time you search the material.


Few useful links:

1.       Classes: [Here]

2.       MSDN – General [Here]

3.       C# - How Do I – MSDN all [Here]

4.       C# - How Do I – Selected Videos [to be added soon]

5.       Virtual Lab on:
 “Visual Studio 2008 - Developing a .Net Compact Framework 3.5 Application” [Here]

6.       A video on “Your first .NET CF Application [Here]

7.       Videos on Windows Forms for C# [Here]

8.       An excellent course on how to develop Smartphone applications.

a.       Part 1. [Here]

b.      Part 2. [Here]

c.       Part 3. [Here]

9.       Collections of useful examples.

a.       On your machine: C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 6 SDK\Samples\PocketPC\CS

b.      More Examples  [HERE]