Adi Maron-Katz

 I am a PhD student at the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University.
My advisors are Prof. Ron Shamir and Prof. Talma Hendler from the Sackler faculty of medicine.

I am interested in bringing some of the methods that have been used for high throughput genomic data analysis to use in the field of neuroscience (in particular to the analysis of fMRI data).

I would like to use such methods in order to try and understand the dynamics that underlies some of the neural processes.  

I also work on EXPANDER, which is a java based tool for the analysis of gene expression microarray data.

·         Curriculum Vitae (pdf)




Phone: 972-3-640-5394


School of Computer Science

Schreiber, Room no. 11

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

Research Interests

·         Neuroinformatics - utilizing computational methods to study dynamic neural processes using neuroimaging (fMRI) data.

·         Neuroscience - The brain at rest, consciousness, neural processes at rest and during meditation

·         Expander - analysis tools for gene expression microarray data


R. Shamir, A. Maron-Katz, A. Tanay, C. Linhart, I. Steinfeld, R.Sharan, Y. Shiloh, R. Elkon
EXPANDER: an integrative suite for microarray data analysis. BMC Bioinformatics 6:232 (2005)

R. Sharan, A. Maron-Katz and R. Shamir, CLICK and EXPANDER: A System for Clustering and Visualizing Gene Expression Data. Bioinformatics 19/ 14: 1787-1799 (2003)

I. Ulitsky, A. Maron-Katz, S. Shavit, D. Sagir, C. Linhart, R. Elkon, A.Tanay, R.Sharan, Y. Shiloh, R. Shamir. EXPANDER: From Expression Microarrays to Networks and Functions. Nature Protocols Vol 5, pp 303 - 322, 2010


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·         12/4/2011 - Tools for computational analysis of gene expression data - workshop (TAU Bioinformatics unit)

·         24/3/2010 - Advanced genomic analysis tools: Expander and beyond - workshop (TAU Bioinformatics unit)