Tel Aviv Linux Club 2003 Beginner's Lectures

CS Forum and Computation Center

All lectures will be at 18:00 in room 006, Schreiber Building

The Tel-Aviv Linux club was founded by volunteer Linux users and sys admins from Tel-Aviv University. We believe that knowledge is something that should be spread around. That is why we encourage usage of open source software. We invite whoever is interested to come and hear (or talk).

What is it all about - Newbies introduction and demonstrations Dec 16, 2002 Eddie Aronovich (CS) & Yedidia Bar-David (CS) introduction
Intro to networking (including internet connectivity) Dec 30,2002 Muli Ben-Yehuda(Haifux) intro-networking
Personal web services - Make your own Web server Jan 13,2003 Eddie Aronovich (CS) Configure Apace server - part 1
Development tools
Jan 27, 2003 Yedidia Bar-David (CS) Lecture notes
Intrussion Detection Systems & Log scanners Feb 10, 2003 Eddie Aronovich(CS)
X configuration Feb 24,2003 Yedidia Bar-David (CS)
Hardware configuration (how to install hardware and be alive) Mar 10,2003 Danny Shaked (CC) hardware.kpr hardware configuration(html)
Boot Process (inc. loaders) Mar 24,2003 Orr Dunkelman (Technion) mbr.txt mbr-disassembly.txt
Hebrew in LyX Apr 7,2003 Dekel Tzur (CS) lyx.pdf
Linux on Main Frame May 5, 2003 Gil Peleg Lecture notes
Security tools: snort & nmap May 19, 2003 Ariel Biner(CC) Secure your PC (snort & nmap)
Shell scripting June 2, 2003 Udi Mottelo (eng@tau)
How to recover a damaged disk ? June 16, 2003 Didi (CS)
Working with MySQL June 30, 2003 Alon (CS)

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