Foundations of Computer Science


Sequential and parallel algorithms. Data structures. Randomized algorithms. Derandomiztion.

Approximation algorithms and approximation schemes. Combinatorial optimization.

Competitive analysis of on-line algorithms Cryptology.



Prof. Noga AlonProf. Yossi AzarDr. Shiri ChechikProf. Amos FiatProf.Yossi MatiasProf. Haim KaplanProf. Ronitt RubinfeldProf. Shmuel SafraProf. Ron ShamirProf. Roded SharanProf. Michael TarsiProf. Amnon Ta-ShmaProf. Uri ZwickDr. Gil CohenProf. Michal Feldman Prof. Amir ShpilkaandProf. Yishay Mansour, Dr. Rani Hod and  Prof. Elhanan Borenstein




Graph theory and other branches of combinatorics and their applications in Computer Science. Algorithmic graph theory. Algebraic and probabilistic methods in combinatorics. Enumeration of combinatorial structures.



Prof. Noga AlonProf. Yossi AzarProf. Nachum DershowitzProf. Amos FiatProf. Haim KaplanProf. Roded SharanProf. Michael TarsiProf. Amnon Ta-ShmaProf. Amir ShpilkaDr. Rani Hod and Dr. Gil Cohen






Prof. Ran CanettiDr. Iftach HaitnerProf. Eran TromerDr. Eyal Ronen and Dr. Nir Bitansky



Foundations of Computability

The Church-Turing Thesis. Abstract state machines. Equivalence of algorithms.



Prof. Arnon Avron and Prof. Nachum Dershowitz



Logic and Formal Methods

Semantics of programming languages. Verification of programs. Theory of concurrency: Methodology of concurrent and reactive systems, in particular of networks of processes and data flow systems. Logical foundations of automated reasoning and computational aspects of logical systems. Applications of Logic to relational database theory. The use of non-classical logics in CS and AI. Formalisms for specification of and reasoning about hybrid systems. Rewriting and equational reasoning. Orderings for termination proofs.Fuzzy Logic.



Prof. Arnon AvronProf. Nachum DershowitzDr. Shahar MaozProf. Alex RabinovichProf. Amiram YehudaiDr. Ori Lahav and Dr. Sharon Shoham Buchbinder 



Theory of Computing

Automata theory. Computational complexity. Complexity classes. Probabilistically checkable proofs. Hardness of approximation. Lower bounds. Circuit Complexity.

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Prof. Noga AlonProf. Yossi AzarProf. Benny ChorProf. Yishay MansourDr. Rotem OshmanProf. Ronitt RubinfeldProf. Shmuel SafraProf. Amir ShpilkaProf. Ron ShamirProf. Amnon Ta-ShmaProf. Uri ZwickProf. Yishay Mansour, Prof. Michal Feldman and Dr. Gil Cohen



Quantum Computation

Quantum computation is a young and very active field studying computers based on the principles of quantum physics. Such computers can perform tasks that are believed to be impossible using standard computers, such as breaking many popular cryptographic codes.



Prof. Amnon Ta-Shma


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