Tel-Aviv University - Computer Science Colloquium

Sunday, March 26, 2006, 11:15-12:15

Room 309
Schreiber Building


Ron Pinter



Modeling and Analysis of Biological Pathways



Biological networks and pathways are used to describe

various aspects of the interactions among cellular components.

Elucidating their behavior requires the development and the

application of computational tools and techniques.  Naturally,

different methods are suitable for different kinds of analyses, e.g.

extracting qualitative vs. observing quantitative properties.


In this talk I will present a number of methods that we have devised

to analyze both metabolic as well as regulatory pathways along with

the biological consequences that they have yielded.  Our methods

include both static as well as dynamic analyses, and they utilize

both discrete as well as continuous modeling.  I will conclude with

some thoughts concerning the potential integration of the methods

into a unified framework so as to fit the end-users' needs.