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Scientific Writing

1. Tenses (past perfect, etc.) More on Tenses

2. Singular and plural

Limbo - marked for deletion: [Singular and plural, less and fewer]?

3. Less and fewer

4. Articles (a, an, the) (handout)

5. Can and may, Might and could, Would and should

6. Which and that

Limbo - marked for deletion: [Which and that, who and whom]?

7. Who and whom

8. Pronouns and anaphora (all vs. each vs. every, this and that)

9. [Commas, colons, semicolons, quotes (handout)]?

10. Parentheses

11. Formulas

12. Quotations

13. Citations (references, bibliographies) (handout)

14. Writing math

15. Tables and figures

16. Font styles

17. Common spelling mistakes

18. Pronunciation (-ed, -s, th)

19. Latex vs. Word

20. Commas, semicolons and dashes

21. Apostrophe

22. English pronunciation

23. Plagiarism

24. Reviewing

25. Writing articles

26. Presenting presentations

27. Footnotes and Endnotes

28. Prepositions

Presentations from Previous Years:

http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/courses/0368-4000/2005/Shorts/ http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/courses/0368-4000/2004/Shorts/index.html