Data Mining for Enzymes Search Utility - DME11

Active, Metal and Binding Site Annotations, as well as gene names and domain attributions
are based on Specific Peptides (SPs) extracted from Swissprot Data

Specific PeptideECFunctionLocation of SP in ProteinPredicted Features
GGAGYIGSH5.1.3;Acting on carbohydrates and derivatives. 9 -
TVLELLE5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 18 -
VIHFAGLK5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 85 -
KPLDYYR5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 100 -
SSSATVYG5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 130
  • Binding Site S=Serine at location 132 on the protein
  • Binding site description: Substrate (By similarity).
PYGKSKFFIEEMI5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 156
  • Active Site Y=Tyrosine at location 157 on the protein
  • Active Site Description: Proton acceptor (By similarity
  • Gene: GALE
LLRYFNP5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 182 -
GIPNNLMP5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 203 -
DGTGVRD5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 234 -
IHVVDLAKGHI5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 242
  • Gene: GALE
GHIAALRKL5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 250 -
YNLGTGTGYSVL5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 267
  • Gene: GALE
EKASGKKI5.1.3.2;UDP-glucose 4-epimerase. 285 -

Mapping of the Specific Peptides in the Protein

Red characters denote the location of the Specific Peptide Matches


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