The Deutsch Institute of Computer Sciences

Jorge Deutsch's life story

Jorge Deutsch (1928-2002)

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, to a family deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition, Jorge Deutsch had been closely connected to his Jewish heritage since childhood. Subject to Nazi terror, he was compelled to wear the infamous Yellow Star. After several members of his family perished in the Nazi inferno, Jorge and his parents found sanctuary in Portugal, where they lived for two years.

Shortly after immigrating to Argentina in 1944, Jorge, along with his father and uncle, established the family's metallurgy factory. Since a very early age, Jorge actively contributed to, and assisted in the growth and development of the factory, while, at the same time, completing his academic studies both in Argentina and in England. His vigor and immense knowledge and capabilities allowed him to develop vast commercial relations both nationally and worldwide.

Always of the highest moral and ethical standard, Jorge Deutsch was, throughout his life, involved in numerous social and communal activities, both in Argentina and in Israel. Among many other functions, Jorge Deutsch served as a member of Tel Aviv University's Board of Governors and as Vice President of the Albert Einstein Medical Research Center. He was a member of the Argentina Bunds management, and an active partner of both the "Lamroth Hakol" Jewish Religious and Cultural Community in Buenos Aires, and of the Argentina-Israel Cultural Institute Committee. And, of course, he is the founder of the Deutsch Institute of Computer Science, which actively supports the research conducted at Tel Aviv University's School of Computer Science and which cherishes the school's graduate students. It is through the worthy goals and activities of the Deutsch Institute that Jorge Deutsch's name and spirit will continue to live on.

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